Students presented at Upper Midwest Biomaterials Day 2017; Rattapol wins award

October 6, 2017

Pegah, Ameyan and Rattapol traveled to Ann Arbor, MI to give presentation at the “University of Michigan Upper Midwest Biomaterials Day 2017”.
Pegah gave an oral presentation entitled “Biomimetic Recyclable Microgels for on Demand Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide and Antimicrobial Applications”.
Ameya gave a poster presentation entitled “Effect of Ionic Functional Groups on the Oxidation State and Interfacial Binding Property of Catechol- Based Adhesive”.
Rattapol gave a poster presentation entitled “Effect of Incorporating Clustered Silica Nanoparticles on the Performance and Biocompatibility of Catechol-Containing PEG-Based Bioadhesive”. Rattpol also wins an award on “New Material” for his presentation.

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