Collaboration with Drs. Rajachar and Zerbini was Published

October 28, 2022
Paper entitled “Non-antibiotic antimicrobial polydopamine surface coating to prevent stable biofilm formation on satellite telemetry tags used in cetacean conservation applications” was published in Frontiers in Marine Science. This was a collaborative project with Drs.  Rupak Rajachar and Alexandre Zerbini of Marine Ecology and Telemetry Research. (Link) (

Dr. Lee was interviewed by Drug Discovery News

October 4, 2022
Dr. Lee was interviewed by Drug Discovery News in a story about a new form of skin graft made from a complex mixture of mussel adhesive proteins (MAPs) and other molecules.  (

Collaboration with Prof. Chun-Jen Huang was Published

September 26, 2022
Paper entitled “Catechol-functionalized sulfobetaine polymer for uniform zwitterionization via pH transition approach” was published in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces. This was a collaborative project with Prof. Chun-Jen Huang of Chung Yuan Christian University, TAIWAN. (Link) (

Review Paper Published in Molecules

August 15, 2022
A review paper entitled “Thermomagnetic-Responsive Self-folding Microgrippers for Im-proving Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques and Biopsies” Molecules. This is a collaboration with Dr. Rajachar’s Lab. (Link)

Dr. Liu’s Paper is Published in Chemical Engineering Journal

August 1, 2022
Dr. Liu’s paper entitled “pH Responsive Antibacterial Hydrogel Utilizing Catechol–Boronate Complexation Chemistry” was published in Chemical Engineering Journal. (Link)

Saleh Presented to Tesa SE

May 20, 2022
Saleh gave a virtual presentation to Tesa SE, a global manufacturer of adhesive and tapes.

Dr. Lee Gave Talks at MRS

May 15, 2022
Dr. Lee attended the 2022 Materials Research Society Spring Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii and gave two oral presentations. The titles of the presentations were “Catechol-Containing Polymer as Self-Activating Antipathogenic Coating” and “Electro-Responsive, Smart Adhesive Utilizing Mussel Adhesive Chemistry”.

Fatemeh Presented at the Society for Biomaterials

April 20, 2022
Fatemeh attended the Society for Biomaterials 2022 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland and gave a poster presentation entitled “Moisture-Activated Antiviral Coating based on Mussel Adhesive Chemistry.”

Fatemeh Wins Award for Presentation

April 8, 2022
Fatemeh was awarded the First Place Award for her presentation entitled “Moisture-Activated Antiviral Coating based on Mussel Adhesive Chemistry,” presented at the Graduate Research Colloquium.

Students Gave Talks at the Adhesion Society

February 15, 2022
Zhongtian and Kan attended the 45th Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society in San Diego, California. Zhongtian gave an oral presentation entitled “Catechol derivative-based hydrogel features rapid curing behavior via autoxidation.” Kan gave 2 oral presentations entitled “Salicylhydroxamic acid as a novel switchable adhesive molecule” and “Effect of conductivity on in-situ deactivation of catechol-based smart […]