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MS, Materials Science and Engineering, Tianjin University, 2012
BS, Polymer Materials, Sichuan University, 2009

Doctoral Finishing Fellowship, MTU Graduate School, 2016

yliu23 (at) mtu (dot) edu

Research Projects:

My project involves the development of hydrogel biomaterials with elevated strength and toughness using catecholic adhesive chemistries. Ability for these marine adhesive moieties to form strong reversible bonds is exploited to created hydrogels capable of resisting repeated loading with minimal loss to its initial mechanical properties. The long term goal of this project is to develop new and improved tissue adhesives and extracellular matrices for tissue engineering and repair of tissues that routinely experience large, repeated loads (e.g., cartilage, tendon, and ligament).

Selected Publications:
  1. Liu Y, Zhan H, Skelton S, Lee BP. Marine Adhesive Containing Nanocomposite Hydrogel with Enhanced Materials and Bioadhesive Properties. MRS Proceedings; 2013;1569:mrss13-1569-LL05-09.
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